10 Reasons why Oshan is your new beauty salon in Bunbury

Are you looking for the ultimate destination beauty salon in Bunbury? A true one stop, luxury salon for all your beauty, skin and wellness needs that provides result driven quality treatments using state of the art technology? Here are 10 reasons on why YOU should make Oshan Aesthetics your new go-to beauty salon in Bunbury.



Intense Pulse Light therapy (IPL) are extremely popular treatments world wide. The skin penetrating light can help with a wide range of skin concerns such as wrinkles, spots, unwanted body hair, pigmentation, varicose veins, rosacea and more. At the Oshan beauty salon in Bunbury, we are proud to offer medical grade IPL treatments exclusively by Lynton, one of the most advance IPL machines in the industry, to our clients. 

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2. Dermalux LED Light bar

A new and radical light therapy treatment, the Oshan beauty salon boasts the first of it's kind in Bunbury, the Dermalux LED Light Bar! These quick and easy treatments last only 20 mins and provide results on skin concerns such as acne, scarring, wrinkles, redness, freckles, pigmentation problems and more after as little as just one session.

Pop in for a treatment on your lunch break today and simply get up and glow! 

Interested? Click here to learn more about the Oshan LED Light Bar 


3. Waxing

Our highly trained and experienced therapists provide a wide range of waxing treatments for all parts of the body for all genders. We aim to provide a pain free and comfortable waxing experience for everyone from the comfort of our beautifully designed beauty rooms. 

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4. Lashes

Full, flirty and fluttery lashes can make you feel like a whole new person! Whether it is a simple tint and lift or a dramatic set, our highly trained beauty therapists here at the Oshan beauty salon in Bunbury will have you looking and feeling your best. 

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5. Eyebrows

They say that eyes are window to the soul, so make sure you keep those beautiful eyebrow window frames looking in tip top shape!  At the Oshan beauty salon, we know how important good brows are and how even the slightest of shaping or tint can change your whole face. Book in today with one of our beauty therapists to see true magic at work! 

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6. Bunbury's best manicure

You can not go past a classic manicure as an instant pick me up! Enjoy sitting back, relaxing and being pampered as you indulge in Bunbury's best manicure at the Oshan beauty salon. Our exceptional therapists strive for perfection and provide the attention to detail that your nails deserve!

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7. Massages

Step into a world of relaxation and pure bliss with a massage in one of the beautiful treatment rooms at Oshan beauty salon. Each treatment is tailored towards personal relaxation and combatting troubled areas of the body.

"I had one of the most amazing massages from Ashleigh today... her professional manner and care throughout the treatment was outstanding.. thank you. it was just want I needed" - Tanaqua

Book in a massage with Ashleigh or one of our other therapists today 

8. Perfectly located for a post treatment brunch (or cocktail!)

Right next door to our beauty salon, located on the tranquil Koombana bay foreshore, is the popular cafe, Corners on the Bay. Serving house made cakes, coffee, breakfast and lunch, Corners on the Bay is the perfect place to treat yourself to brunch or a cocktail after your relaxing treatment. 

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9. Retail room

Take the Oshan beauty salon experience home with you thanks to the retail room! The artfully designed store is a little treasure room filled with the same high end luxury brands that are used throughout our treatments. Plus a range of mineral cosmetics from Youngblood because at we believe that make up is skin care. 

10. And finally -  our lovely, talented beauty therapists

The Oshan experience wouldn't be complete without our lovely and talented beauty therapists. Always providing world class, friendly and knowledgeable service to our clients, our beauty therapists understand that skin care is not a one-size fits all are dedicated to helping you at every stage of your skin journey. 



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