Sunscreen – Why the Hat is not enough!

Living in Australia is pretty great right?
Beautiful beaches, those warm sunny afternoons that roll into blissful evenings.. and one not so sunny truth:

Two in Three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. And from a beauty perspective an insane 90% of ageing is caused by sun exposure. While it's important to encourage our children to get outside and experience life away from the phones and iPads, it is key that we educate!

On the flip side.. queue the catch 22.. Sun exposure is necessary for optimum health and the much needed Vitamin D. When our skin is exposed to sunlight it manufactures Vitamin D – promoting everything from bone health to brain function.. all whilst providing an important boost to the immune system, not to mention the mental benefits of enjoying our time outside. Our beautiful Australia has some of the harshest UV exposure levels in the world, so what can we do?

So let's talk sunscreen. 30+, 50+, UV-A, UV-B, Radiation, Physical, Chemical, Spray on, roll on.. its all become a little too confusing – so here’s what to look for:

A Physical Sunscreen will rest on the surface, reflecting UV rays from hitting the skin, Whilst a chemical sunscreen will absorb the nasty rays and metabolise them through the body’s natural processes – transforming them Into non-damaging wavelengths of light. According to the TGA- the government organisation who regulate all products that come into Australia, SPF50+ and SPF30 sunscreen offers the same UVB protection.. the difference in the SPF50 sunscreen is extra UVA protection. SPF50+ sunscreens allow 1/50th of ambient UV radiation through, but filter out 98% of UVB radiation. SPF30 sunscreens admit 1/30th of ambient UV radiation, but block out 96.7% UVB. UVA exposure is believed to be the main factor in long-term sun damage, so SPF50 sunscreens offer a slightly higher level of UVA protection - The more the merrier right?

Here’s a few myths we need to squish if we are going to safely enjoy our climate whilst protecting our skins future appearance. Your hat is not enough, believe us!

1 – Sunscreen Congests the skin.
Sure, it’s a fair argument but as always there’s ways around it. A good quality sunscreen will not only provide a lightweight finish, but most clinical Sunscreens will throw in a few plant based stem cells, much needed hydration and some all important skin care ingredients. We invest in our shampoo & conditioner instead of heading to woolies for the cheap stuff – so why not give our skin the same grace, after all prevention is easier than cure!

2 – You wont tan with sunscreen.
As a fellow tan lover, I get it guys. We've been conditioned to believe a bronzed bod is better than the old English rose.. and whilst I LOVE a good spray tan (believe me it’s a weekly ritual) its also nice to have a bit of a natural glow. So, whilst sunscreen will reduce the ability to naturally tan, you will still achieve colour – But without permanent damage and those oh so memorable nights of cold towels and restless sleep due to being burned to a crisp!

3 – Chemical sunscreen is Bad:
When we hear the word “chemical” we automatically associate it with something bad right? Well let me put you at ease. In this instance he word “chemical” purely means a distinct compound or substance, especially one which has been prepared or purified. These chemicals are the heroes in our advanced sunscreens that will take the sun exposure and absorb those nasty rays, transforming them into heat which is then released from the skin – Thus absorbing some of the exposure and easing the long term impact on the skin.

So, I think it's pretty safe to say, we are lucky enough to be becoming more aware of the world around us, and the importance of taking care of our health and well being. Life in our beautiful country is meant to be enjoyed and we can do so stress free, with the right tools

At Oshan, Our exclusive Image Skin Care Range provides one of the best sunscreens I have come across, and as someone who is super fussy with my skin care, I have to say I am impressed! It’s a gorgeous light weight SPF that leaves no pasty white finish, non greasy & soft enough to wear on the daily under makeup and is jam packed with ingredients your skin will LOVE!

As stated by Image Skin Care:

"Our Prevention + Daily ultimate protection moisturiser  is a sheer daily moisturizer delivers SPF 50 broad-spectrum protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. The modernized formula with Digital Aging Defense helps to fight against the effects of blue light and environmental skin stressors. The lightweight formulation has you covered for indoors, outdoors or in high sun exposure. Thoughtfully formulated without the sunscreen actives octinoxate and oxybenzone, and free of parabens and artificial fragrances.

Formulated with Digital Aging Defense, a form of dual protection against blue light and environmental skin stressors that cause dryness, discolouration and other signs of aging. A specialized pea protein helps to defend against the elements that age our skin, indoors and out. Touched with a hint of citrus essential oils for a naturally uplifting scent."

At Oshan my team and I are always here to help and we Love assisting our clients on their skin and wellness journeys - every step of the way.

Thanks for Reading, Enjoy the beautiful summer that is upon us (safely of course!)


Oshan Aesthetics

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