The Beauty Chef comes to Oshan Bunbury!

Oshan Medi-Spa Bunbury is excited to announce that The Beauty Chef is now in stock IN STORE ONLY!
We believe that ‘beauty begins in the belly’®—that when you are healthy on the inside, your skin radiates a natural glow that no amount of cosmetics can replicate.
Here is a list of the exciting new products you can expect to see in store at Oshan:
1. Inner Beauty Support Powder
2. CLENSE Inner Beauty Support
3. SLEEP Inner Beauty Support
4. GUT PRIMER Inner Beauty Support
5. ANTIOXIDANT Inner Beauty Support
6.  COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost
7. ADAPTOGEN Inner Beauty Boost 
8. HYDRATION Inner Beauty Boost
9. OMEGA ELIXIR Inner Beauty Boost
10. GLOW Inner. Beauty Essential on-the-go sachets
11. WELL SPRAY Inner Beauty Support

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