Your daily simple step for GLOWING skin

 Do you have tired, dull skin? How about dry, irritated or acne prone skin? Or just feeling a little low energy and just generally a bit.. blah? 

Sounds like you need a little GLOW in your life! The best-selling, GLOW Supercharge Inner Beauty Essential is a bio-fermented beauty powder for healthy glowing skin, gut health and wellbeing and it has become a foundation for us at Oshan as part of our daily beauty routine. 

Containing 18 whole foods, plus vitamins A, B, C, zinc - simply add a spoonful to your smoothies, yoghurt or just with water for an easy way to boost your inner gut health for radiant skin. 

Interested in learning more? Watch this video below from The Beauty Chef. 

Glow Supercharged and the entire range from The Beauty Chef can be purchased from the Oshan Bunbury studio.



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