At öSHãN, we believe there is a fine balance between aesthetic and holistic treatments for wellness. 

Working with some of the best brands available to the industry our highly trained therapists have developed an expert technique which will leave you feeling youthful and radiant after each and every visit.

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The Body Spa Cellulite Treatment

This body contouring treatment starts with dry body brushing to stimulate circulation and assist in the elimination of toxins. Next, receive an application of our revolutionary body firming crème to tighten and tone loose skin, strengthen collagen fibers and reduce the volume of lipid cells. You’ll be ready to reveal a firmer skin tone with just one treatment. Our clinical body toning treatment fights skin laxity on a cellular level, stimulating collagen and reducing the volume of lipid cells for a smooth, contoured body.

Add ons available: IEHANCE, Sheet masks & LED Therapy

    Price | from $150
    Time | 60min



    Sugar Glow Body Scrub

    Sugar Cane harvested from the sun drenched plantations of Fiji combined with exotic tropical nut oils and fruit enzymes nourish skin with vitamins A, B, C & E to create the ultimate healthy glow. Relax and enjoy as milk from the coconut combined with macadamia and coconut oil are gently massaged into the skin followed by an application of pure cane sugar and tropical nut oils ridding the body of dead skin, revealing new healthy skin as well as strengthening the skin's elasticity and replenishing moisture lose.

    Price | $99
    Time | 60min


    Royal Milk & Honey Ritual

    Fijian Honey & Coconut Milk are combined to create a Royal Fijian Ritual. This treatment is designed to hydrate, nourish, tighten and strengthen the skin. Organic Cane Sugar combined with exotic drift nut oils gently exfoliate the skin. Next, a moisturising honey masque high in antioxidants and vitamins is applied and gently massaged into the skin using warm stones. A Fijian Scalp Treatment concludes this ritual leaving your body soothed & replenished by a little bit of island milk & honey.

    Price | $199
    Time | 80min


    Anti Aging Guava Body Wrap

    Combat the visible effects of skin aging and restore the appearance of a younger, more toned body with Pure Fiji's Signature Guava products. This treatment begins with a raw can sugar scrub followed by a body masque application and warm oil scalp massage. Our anti aging botanical blend is enriched with guava fruit high in vitamin C boosting collagen production, toning the skin whilst hydrating, nourishing and leaving skin with a healthy glow. 

    Price | $150
    Time | 60min


    Two Hour Signature Treatment
    (Wrap + Scalp/Facial)

    A combination of our two most popular spa treatments, an anti aging body wrap using Pure Fiji’s signature guava products to combat the visible effects of skin ageing to tone, hydrate and nourish the skin leaving it with radiant glow as well as our heavenly Fijian Scalp Massage to restore the scalp, neck and hair.

    Price | $260
    Time | 120min


    There are many benefits of having a spa treatment that most of us are aware of. It’s a fun way to relax that leaves your body and skin feeling great afterwards.

    But did you know that there are some additional health benefits you may not be aware of? Here are some of the surprising benefits of a spa treatment that can have a positive effect on your overall health.


    Have you noticed how much easier it is to fall asleep after having a relaxing massage? There is no doubt that quality sleep has many positive effects on the body that includes anything from enhanced mental alertness to calming your mood. When your body is comfortably warm and relaxed you tend to fall asleep faster with fewer disturbances throughout the night. Many of our clients say they often have an excellent night sleep the day they receive a body spa treatment and will wake up refreshed and alert.


    When your body is relaxed it can significantly reduce your physical and mental stress. Studies have shown that taking time out of a busy schedule for self care, whether that be a quick 5 minute meditation or a luxurious two hour full body wrap and head massage, helps anxiety and stress to melt away.


    Many of our body spa treatments are designed to combat premature ageing of the skin. At Oshan we use a range of products from brands such as Pure Fiji and Image Skincare that have excellent anti aging benefits. Our Anti Aging Guava Body Wrap uses an anti aging botanical blend that is enriched with guava fruit high in vitamin C which helps boost collagen production which tones the skin whilst hydrating, nourishing and leaving skin with a healthy glow. 


    Our highly trained therapists can help relieve common aches and pains through a tailor made massage. You can either have a general massage or concentrate on problem areas to help relax the muscles and soothe away aches and pains.


    Regular body spa treatments can improve your blood circulation and help regulate your blood pressure. Improved blood circulation can help your body stay healthy and better able to fight off illness.


    Alongside your body spa treatment or massage, you can have a wonderful facial with excellent products to rejuvenate your skin and give you a radiant complexion. A quality facial delivered by an expert therapist can help you get the most out of your spa experience.

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