Experience the best range of eyelash extension services in beautiful surroundings at Oshan Aesthetics in Bunbury. Our professional team of experts specialises in the art of extending and enhancing lashes with utmost precision for an alluring look. Our eyelash extensions will instantly give you that photogenic, red-carpet look without the hassle of eyeliner or mascara.

The Oshan Experience

At Oshan our mission is to ensure that every client leaves our studio feeling and looking like a million dollars. Our clients are highly appreciative of the comfortable ambience and full privacy offered by our individual treatment rooms.  

Our Values

Customer Service

At Oshan we value the unique connection between body and mind, skin and wellness of results-driven beauty treatments in pursuit of flawless skin. We understand that each client has different needs, and therefore we strive to accompany each individual every step of the way on their unique journey to a more confident self-image. We believe in educating our clients about personal skincare and providing each individual with the attention they need rather than merely providing a generalised service.

Quality of Work

Our aesthetic therapists are highly qualified and passionate about using their extensive knowledge to assist clients who wish to undertake a transformative skin-care journey with us. We use only the best materials and latest innovative techniques in our studio to ensure exceptional results and retention. By following strict hygiene practices with stringent sanitation standards we ensure the safety of our valuable customers.

Client Wellbeing

Our beauty consultants aspire to connect with each individual client on a personal level in order to understand their unique needs. We make client-wellbeing our first priority in order to provide a mutually satisfying service. 


Eyelash Extensions (Classic)
$110 | 60min

Eyelash Extensions
$150 | 90min


5 Facts About Eyelash Extensions

  1. Super-thick and super-long eyelash extensions are not suitable for everyone. The length and thickness of eyelash extensions should rather be customised to suit each individual’s look and lifestyle.
  2. Because the natural shape of the lash line tapers, eyelash extensions will not all be the same length. Rather, following the natural lash line, they will be longer in the centre and shorter at the corners of the eye to create a natural-looking result.
  3. There is no guarantee of how long eyelash extensions will last. Each lash bonded with adhesive to your natural lashes and will therefore fall out at different times. Frequent re-lashing will ensure a full look.
  4. Because a permanent adhesive is used to bond the eyelash extensions to your lashes it is almost impossible to remove them without removing your natural lashes as well and should only be done by a professional.
  5. Eye makeup can be worn with eyelash extensions, but products should be specially formulated for compatibility with extensions.

Situated in close proximity to the calming waters in the Koombana Bay area in Western Australia, Oshan Aesthetics invites you to step into our luxury spa environment for a beauty experience exclusively tailored to you and your personal needs.