Exclusive to öSHãN, our EPN is the only microneedling device that combines the benefits of dermal needling with the advanced delivery of electroporation.

Have you had Micro needling before and weren't happy with your results? Or have you been considering what Micro needling can do for you and how it works?

What is Micro needling/ Skin needling?

Micro needling, also known as collagen induction therapy induces new collagen production by harnessing the body's innate ability to regrow and repair the skin as a response to micro-damage. As tiny needles pass over the skin, the first phase of regeneration begins with the release of the body's own growth factor as a response to the micro damage. The growth factors then stimulate new collagen and elastin. Finally the new tissues remodel and new vessels mature therefore promoting long lasting skin tightening effects.


At Oshan we are always on the look out for the latest technology, thus bringing our clients the best in results driven treatments, which is where the added bonus of Electroporation comes in.


What is Electroporation?

Electroporation is a technique in which an electrical feild is applied to cells in order to increase permeability of the cell membrane, allowing the product to be introduced more efficiently and increase transdermal product delivery by several orders of magnitude. Moreover, Electroporation in combination with microneedling expands the range of products which can be delivered.


Our EPN micro-needling, exclusive to Oshan is not just another microneedling device. EPN is the world's first electroporation and collagen induction therapy system with TGA approval. EPN is safe and due to the Electroporation process being minimally invasive, there is less discomfort and down time following the treatment.


At Oshan, we understand that all results based skin treatments need to be tailored to suit individual needs and skin goals. Our Microneedling treatments have been paired with Fusion Meso. With Fusion Meso, we have the unique ability to tailor our clients treatment to their specific skin condition or concern, by choosing from a variety of "serum cocktails" which are then used throughout the entire treatment. This treatment includes a customized mask and take home cream that is created during the appointment to continue boosting the results post-treatment. 

What to expect during your treatment


On arrival, your therapist will do a full consultation and discuss your skin concerns and desired outcome. A Fusion Meso cockail will then be chosen for you to use during your treatment.

A portion of our Fusion cocktail will then be mixed with a Pure Hyaluronic acid gel which will be used as your serum infusion whilst the skin is needled. Now that's the scary part, so rest assured, while no microneedling is pain free, the added Electroporation halves the depth and trauma that is needed for traditional skin needling. Once the skin has been needled, a soothing mask will be applied which is soaked in beautiful peptides, growth factors and MORE of your chosen skin cocktail for maximum absorption. Whilst your mask is infusing your therapist will custom make your take home cream using the remaining cocktails serum, which will be used for the week post treatment. After your mask infusion your therapist will guide you to our light bar for a post treatment of LED to calm and regenerate the skin boosting your results. A complimentary skin care kit will be provided to use for the week post treatment and a follow up appointment will be scheduled to touch base.