The best LED light therapy facial in Bunbury, Western Australia

Is your current LED Facial harming your skin?

Whether you’re new to the game of skin care regimes, or completely dedicated to taking care of your skin morning and night – we're sure you’ve heard of LED Light Therapy, so let’s see what all the fuss about

I think it's safe to say we have all heard of NASA, and it's pretty clear some of the most advanced technology we have has some direct link to their research. Some time ago the guys at NASA needed a quick and efficient way to grow healthy happy plants in outer space which eventuated to the bloom of a single beautiful flower.. and from that, it did not take long to Discover that this incredible form of light was also highly beneficial for humans too. So are we basically happy walking talking house plants, or is there more to it?!

So what are LED light's? – LED is a light emitting diode. This technology uses specific wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin through tiny little light bulbs. This light is then absorbed by the skins layers as a source of energy to stimulate different healing responses – cool right?

Skip to now and LED light therapy has naturally found a home in majority of Skin clinics, beauty salons and even cosmetic doctors due to its advanced restorative solutions on a wide range of skin and body issues.

As the popularity of LED light therapy in clinics has boomed, this has led to a massive demand for higher quality machines. But on the downside, this has also led to hundreds of cheap nasty machines being marketed all over the world, and as much as we LOVE Alibaba – I highly suggest second guessing using them for your clinic devices! (sorry Babs). A poorly made LED light therapy machine not only won’t achieve the same results, but scarily enough the inconsistency of LED delivery in these machines, means that they fluctuate in energy so much that they can bridge in to being super close to a form of UV exposure. This fluctuation of light can cause the same damage as sun exposure -  Exactly what we want to avoid when trying to repair and rejuvenate the skin! So be super careful when choosing your LED light therapy clinic. Look for well branded machines, and more importantly well educated therapists.

There are three clinically proven wavelengths of light used in these treatments and they are simple yet SO effect

  • Red Light – Our fountain of youth. This restorative wavelength helps us turn back time and minimise the fine lines and signs of ageing. This LED boosts your natural collagen production and gives your skin that beautiful elasticity and glow back, while stimulating cell renewal without harming the skin
  • Blue Light – Our Clean and Clear. This wavelength has super powerful antibacterial properties that cause problematic skin to decongest and naturally purify. Blue light will not only regulate the oil production but will shrink any enlarged pores which will prevent any future breakouts and kill off any Active acne bacteria. Regarded as one of the most noninvasive and effective acne treatments on the market – blue light is next level for anyone wanting clearer, less angry acne
  • Near Infrared/White light – The ultimate skin Boost. Our NIR, whilst not seen to the naked eye is the most advanced form of LED for skin rejuvenation. NIR calms redness and irritation, reduces pigmentation and stimulates vascular repair – ideal for even the most sensitive skins.

Wondering how you choose? Well, you don’t have to! Want to have all 3?? At Oshan Skin Bunbury, Western Australia we are incredibly lucky, to not only have one of the only LED light therapy machines on the market to be clinically proven AND have Medical certification, but our amazing Dermalux allows us to have ALL THREE forms of Light with Triwave technology.

When trying to change the skin consistency is key, and in most cases a course of treatments is necessary to ensure optimum skin response and maximum results. When we opened our beautiful Oshan Skin Clinic in Bunbury, keeping treatments affordable as well as easily being accessible was super important to us – which is when our LED light bar was born. At our light bar, a one off treatment is just $49, with the option to purchase packages of multiple treatments from only $270. Your session will include a brief skin diagnosis, a cleanse and prep followed by 20 minutes of relaxation in our beautiful surrounds whilst the light works its magic. Our therapists will carefully assess your skin and prescribe a wavelength of light that best suits you and your personal skin care goals.

If you are new to LED light therapy we would love for you to pop in and take a look, our machines truly have that Wow factor – and after all, LED naps are the new beauty sleep – Literally!

As always, my team and I are always available for any questions, and we are here every step of the way. Skin is Not a one size fits all regime and we Love seeing results  just as much as you do!


Oshan Aesthetics, Bunbury


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