Powered by cutting edge skin biology, experience the craft behind the öSHãN Super Facials. 

Our Super Facials work to combat skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles and ageing, redness, scarring, dermatitis, skin congestion, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin and many other skin conditions.

Unsure about which Super Facial will be best for you? Book a consultation with one of our experts today.



The Max Stem Cell Facial

A correction, prevention and nutrition system to target fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dull, sallow skin.

Price | $180
Time | 60min



Signature Lift with IEnhance and LED 

Our Signature Lift facial with the addition of the IEnhance and LED from the Dermalux Light Bar.

Price | $299
Time | 60min



Glow and Go Facial

Relax and enjoy the benefits of a deeply cleansing, exfoliating, brightening and nourishing facial designed to integrate anti aging and hydrating benefits to tired, dull, fatigued skin. Working with rollers along the lympathic system in the face and neck you will see the immediate benefits of flushing out any toxins or fluid that may be stagnant under the skin allowing a brighter, more hydrated, rejuvenated appearance.

Price | $149
Time | 50min


Illumi Photofacial

An öSHãN Aesthetics exclusive being only skin clinic in Bunbury, WA to offer the Illumi Facial, a 'next generation' of the highly successful 'Photofacial' treatments, using a new and unique combination of specialist Lynton skincare together with powerful, medical-grade Lynton IPL technology. Treatment is perfect for anyone whose skin exhibits congestion, discolouration and visible signs of ageing, however, a full consultation is carried out prior to treatment to ascertain your suitability and individual treatment needs.

A full treatment plan will then be tailored to treat your specific concerns, all aiming to improve the appearance, feel and health of your skin.

Price | $399
Time | 60min




öSHãN Indulgence Facial

An advanced treatment designed to hydrate, decongest, sculpt and brighten with nourishing ingredients that will melt onto the skin as we massage them into your face, neck and décolletage. Enjoy a deep cleanse from the top of your head to your chest and an infusion of corrective, protective, restoring and balancing ingredients to invigorate and balance revealing radiant skin underneath. Includes a beautiful and relaxing deep facial massage using hydrating hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in preparation for your regenerating stem cell mask to detoxify, boost collagen, tighten pores and reduce any puffiness Perfect for tired, dull, dry/dehydrated aging skin to improve overall skin function, radiance and  the appearance of  wrinkles, fine lines, redness and rough texture
Price | $199
Time | 60min