So.. lets talk acne!

At least at some point in our lives, we have all experienced some kind of breakouts or acne. Our staff have been there too during our own skin journeys so we can empathise with how challenging this can feel when its happening. 
At öSHãN we understand the discomfort, both physical and emotional, that even the most mild Acne can cause- so we are here to help!

Our Medical Grade Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment delivers a series of non-invasive short light pulses into the epidermis specifically targeting p-acnes bacteria that is a highly effective, safe, comfortable and clinically proven method of acne reduction. Whether you are looking to get better results in scarring, lesions, inflammation, oil control or overall improvement of complexion, our Medical Grade IPL machine uses the worlds most advanced technology to ensure your skin is restored to a clear, healthy, balanced complexion within just a few sessions. 

Our staff will consult with you to assist and advise you in all areas of your skin concerns in a warm and confidential environment and ensure we deliver the results you need. 

Unsure if our Medical Grade IPL will be best for your skin? Book a consultation with one of our experts today.



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