Are You Sick Of Shaving?

We feel you. Shaving regularly can be tedious. Plus, waxing at home can be a complicated – and often messy – chore.

Times like these, you’ll do well to call in the professionals. Leaving things in the skilled hands of our team at Oshan Aesthetics makes things so much easier.

Our professional waxing team can get to all the hard-to-reach places, resulting in a smoother finish with no pain or irritation to your skin. It allows you to go bare with absolute confidence.

Our experienced therapists will help you find confidence in yourself by providing an unparalleled experience in our beautifully designed treatment rooms. We aim to provide a pain free and comfortable waxing experience. 

What Can We Do For You?

We pride ourselves on beautiful eyebrows, shaped to suit your face and make you feel happy and fresh.

We offer an array of strip waxing and non-strip waxing hair removal treatments. All of these treatments are done in clean surroundings by highly trained personnel.

Our range of services for both men and women includes:

  • Partial and Full Leg Waxing
  • Standard and Extended Bikini Waxing
  • Full and Tri-weekly Brazilian
  • Brazilian Maintenance
  • Underarm Hair Removal
  • Facial Hair Removal, specific to the upper lip, chin, and sides of the face.

We also offer an exclusive men’s line of services that involves removing hair from the neck, back, shoulder, chest, eyebrows, and ears.


$27 | 20min

Upper Lip
$15 | 10min

$15 | 10min

$15 | 10min

Sides of face
$25 | 20min

Full face (not including brows)
$50 | 30min

Under Arm
$20 | 10min

Full Arm
$40 | 20min

Half Arm
$35 | 20min

Full Leg
$60 | 30min

3/4 Leg
$50 | 30min

Half Leg
$40 | 20min

$30 | 20min

Extended Bikini
$40 | 20min

$65 | 30min

Brazilian (new or 5 weeks+)
$75 | 40min

From $50 | 30min

From $50 | 20min

Chest & Shoulders
From $50 | 30min


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you do a full-body wax?

We recommend you go over the list of services above to choose the specific waxing service you need.

What can I do to prepare myself for a waxing session?

First, your body hair needs to be 0.5cm long for the wax to take hold. In case of longer growth, we suggest you do a bit of trimming prior to your appointment.


Will the procedure hurt?

Much as we try to be as gentle as possible, it will sting a little. Rest assured, though; we check in on you throughout the procedure to see if you're alright. 

Is exfoliating my skin before my procedure all right?

It's more than all right as it scrubs off dead and dry skin. We recommend using a scrub or exfoliant well beforehand to help improve the texture of your skin.

Do you wax men, too?

Yes - we do have waxing procedures designed for men. 

Can I get waxed often?

Not necessarily. Ideally, you should go around four or six weeks between procedures, depending on how rapidly your body hair grows out.