Sit back, relax and be pampered with a relaxing öSHãN Signature Manicure or Pedicure, using our Beautiful Pure Fiji Spa range - this is a sensory experience you wont forget! Our exceptional therapists strive for perfection and provide the attention to detail that your nails deserve! We offer a wide range of treatments to keep you looking and feeling your best.


öSHãN Signature Manicure
$70 | 60min

öSHãN Signature Pedicure
$80 | 60min

Add on a shellac application - $10

Add on a shellac remove & redo - $20


Shellac Application
$55 | 30min

Shellac Removal & Re-do
$65 | 40min

Acrylic Nails Full Set
From $85 | 60min

Acrylic Refills
From $65 | 60min

Acrylic Repair
$10 | 10min

Add on: Airbrushing
$10 | 10min

Add on: French Polish
$10 | 10min



Nails FAQs

1. What Should I Do to Strengthen My Thin and Brittle Nails?

You can change your lifestyle and habits to strengthen your nails. You can use a nail hardener to strengthen your weak, bitten, peeling, soft, brittle or thin nails. Drink enough water since water is essential for nail health. Minimize exposure to water. 

2. What Can I Do to Prevent Nail Polish from Early Chipping? 

Do not shake the bottle. This helps avoid getting air bubbles on application. Use a good top coat to apply one thin coat after two or three days. Seal the tip of your nail.  Do not take a bath straight after you paint your nails. Keep your nails clean and dry at all times.  

3. What Are the Common Types of Nails? 

  • Square – It has a straight free edge with sharp corners. It is strong due to its full width. However, the sharp corners can injure the skin. 
  • Round – It has a round free edge. It is a favorite to most male customers since it is comforting to their fingertips. 
  • Oval – It has an oval free edge. It is an attractive shape. 
  • Pointed – It has a narrow and pointed free edge. It is ideal for thin hands with narrow nail beds. However, it can break easily because it is weak. 
  • Square-Round – It has a square-round free edge. It is ideal for people working with their hands since it is strong. 

4. What Is the Good Length of Artificial Nails? 

The good length of artificial nails should be 1/3 the length of the nail bed. It is a good length for most beginners. If your nail is longer than half of your nail bed, then you need to be very careful. However, if the nail is longer than the length of the nail bed, then it is very dangerous. 

5. What Can I Do to Keep My Artificial Nails Healthy and in Good Shape? 

Keep your fingernails dry and clean at all times. Apply a protective layer. If you do dishes daily, you need to wear gloves. Once you take a bath, use a hairdryer to dry under the nails. 

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