Are you suffering from Adult Acne?

Have you spent your teenage years with bad skin... awaiting the days of being an adult with no more pimples? Then when you get to being an adult, for some reason you still have acne? If so, you are NOT alone!

What is Adult Acne?

Adult acne is defined as persistent breakouts after the age of 25. There are two main types of adult acne:

  • Lingering acne: when your teenage breakouts continue into your 20s and beyond
  • Late-onset acne: sudden adult acne that seems to pop up out of nowhere

If you’re suffering from either of these issues, you may be left wondering:

How old do I have to get? At what age does acne STOP?

There’s no precise answer. You see, adult acne isn’t just teen acne overstaying its welcome. Adult acne has some key differences.

Teen acne tends to crop up all over the face, but adult acne is usually denser on the lower third of the face. You know — those pimples that keep appearing on your chin and jawline.

Plus, adult acne often appears as inflamed cysts rather than those whiteheads and blackheads of your high school days. 

Skin problems like adult acne can feel very isolating - but trust us, you’re not the only one struggling!

How the Image Skincare can help you in your adult acne battle:

We are currently getting incredible results from our Image Skincare Range.

Image Skincare is a clinical skincare brand that features safe and proven ingredients and botanicals.  Developed by an aesthetician and plastic surgeon and supported by over 20,000 skincare professionals (including öSHãN) they strive to help everyone achieve happy, healthy skin and age later. 


With natural enzyme exfoliants like pineapple and papaya fruit extracts, this mask gently dissolves the layer of dead skin buildup that dulls radiance, revealing bright, even-toned skin. Helping to remove that build up of bacteria which creates pimples along your chin and jawline.


Powered by a polypeptide and plant-derived stem cell formula, turn cleansing into a luxurious experience. This silky wash helps skin feel balanced and revitalised. Carefully selected botanicals help nourish the skin while cleansing away make-up and daily impurities which get stuck in your pores.


As a spot treatment or allover remedy for acne breakouts, this fast-acting clay masque draws out excess oil and impurities to leave skin soft, fresh and mattified. Boosted with glycolic acid to reduce the buildup of dead skin cells, it also delivers beneficial antioxidants and botanicals that lessen the appearance of redness and calm skin.

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