The best facials in Bunbury!

Everybody wants healthy, glowing youthful skin, especially on your face. Having less than perfect skin can cause low self confidence and is frustrating! 

To look after your skin it is important to making sure that you are washing your face twice a day with quality products to remove dirt and make-up. As well as eating skin nourishing foods that are full of vitamins and minerals and stay hydrated. But sometimes these steps are not enough. Adding regular facials and treatments to your skin care routine is the best way to maintain and rejuvenate healthy glowing skin.

At Oshan, our therapists are highly trained to provide the guidance, care and expertise in to helping you on your skin journey.  From treating acne, inflammation and scarring, to reducing the signs of aging and pigmentation from sun spots, rosacea and more. A proper facial can nourish and promote your skin's complexion.

The best place in Bunbury to receive a high end and technologically advanced facial is Oshan Aesthetics, your beauty salon! We are your beauty specialist in Bunbury. We offer facial treatments and services among other beauty services. Our facials includes:

    • Illumi Photofacials
    • Dermalux LED Lightbar treatments
    • Oxygenating and Ormedic Peels
    • IMAGE Skincare Facials
    • Medical Grade Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments

Our experienced therapists are extremely passionate and each have an  extensive knowledge to aid clients on a transformative skin journey. At Oshan we invite clients of all ages and genders into our welcoming and relaxed environment. 

Why not try a facial treatment at Oshan Aesthetics Skin Clinic today? Ring us on 9778 5588 and talk to one of our friendly staff. We strive to get you the skin you have always deserved! Book your appointment today either online or via our app

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